Monday, January 11, 2010

...the hell?

Welcome to the jungle, Slumlords!

Eric thought it'd be a good idea for us to have a place to quickly post up, and cut down, artwork. Foolishly, I agreed.

So here we are: Radioactive Skeletons! (Cool name, Brad.)

To make things simple, we were thinking of having a monthly drawing challenge. You have one month to draw an illustration based on the assigned subject matter. You can take it as far as you want, but finished pencils is the minimum.

Kicking it all off, we have our first challenge: RADIOACTIVE SKELETONS!
Creative, no?
It can be whatever you want; classic pin-up style illo, a page of sequentials featuring said skeletons, or even a logo for the site! The goal is to have some fun while exercising those drawing chops!

So, since we are still getting folks to sign-up, we'll shoot for this one to be due at the end of FEBRUARY. Meantime, post up what you feel like, any art you're working on, and let's get the ball rollin'!


  1. Yeah! That IS a cool name...

    Good to see your font again, old chum! End of february eh? can't stretch that? I guess that's manageable, but I can't take too much time away from my studies, coach says if I get another C I'm benched! And the only cheerleaders benchwarmers get are male!

  2. So I googled "kim kardashian booty" and ended up here...Not cool, guys.

    Not cool.