Monday, March 21, 2011

your entrance was good, his was better. The difference? showmanship!

Hey guys! loooooong time! I just saw you guys were doing a Batman cover challenge. Not really a cover, more of a warm up due to workload... anyhoosle, I hope you guys dig it :)

Batman dealie

OK so here it is, contrast cranked way up based on a shitty copy but its better than the camera phone pic and at the very least, its vertical! Wheres everyone elses?? HMMM??? only one day left!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Early upload/camera phone pic of my batman piece

Until I can shrink it to scan here's a mediocre pic of my pinup!  How's everyone else's coming along?

Friday, March 11, 2011


Heres my prelim sketches for the cover, i think im going to go with the bottom left idea in the outline...its inspired by jeffs idea and also my original thanks for letting me rip you off in advance! The other ideas from left to right, a kind of 3 panel thing with him choking out the dummy...kinda weird i guess, then one where commish gordon is tied up in the Ventriloquists kitchen with Scarface threatening that batman will never find him and they will kill him as soon as they finish their breakfast...and of course all the time the Ventriloquist is drinking...classic gag. I was also toying with the idea of the doll in a room filled with babies dressed just like him and him taunting batman...Would you dare risk killing an inocent child! and he would obviously look way different but batman couldnt tell!

Oh well...thankfully its my day off and i live right in the middle of a copy store and a burger king within walking distance so i ran out and made some copies got some lunch and am starting on the cover/pinup now! I was gonna make the commissioner actually Robin or put Robin at the feet of the badguy with the downed cops but it seemed too tacked on.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


See what I did there?

Anyway, re-work of the preliminary breakdown.

I'm happier with this, although there are some tweaks I'll clean up as I move to full-size rough.

What'cha think?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I was noodling with the Ventriloquist when I suddenly realized I wasn't going to actually finish this sketch. However, I figured I'd share the lametasticness. Hope to actually contribute this time, though!

Quick Bats sketch

It's true! Not a hoax! Not a trick! Actual update/artwork!

So I whipped up a quick layout for my challenge illo and thought I'd throw it up.

I'm generally okay with it, but I've got to fiddle with the composition a tad, as the area around Scarface's Tommygun and Batman's fists/batarangs is too muddled.

Anyway, comment away!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here comes new challenge(r)!

Ok so the first chalenge in a long while is underway starting tonight!  I don't wanna do star wars because I'm midway through a SW pic and it seems unfair, so let's do something else...but WHAT?  It could be fact I know exactly what it should be! 

Now before I say what let me just say that I'm making it pretty specific on purpose to eliminate a lot of the wishy washy "what should I do with this character" beginning stages.

So the challenge is:

Batman vs the ventriliquist and scarface (I think that's the puppets name)
Either a pinup or a cover (with or without text).

Let me know what you think...deadline is 2 weeks from 3/22/2011...enjoy!  

Feel free to post your progress or ideas at anytime.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paddy, page 2, 1 year after the first page

At this rate, I can do a comic every 22 years! Not bad!


Anyway, here's the 2nd page ( of 3, so don't go getting high cholesterol or anything or you might not live long enough to see the last page...) The first page is down there. Waaaaaaaay down there, just keep scrolling, If I can figure out how, I'll pop it in this post to avoid scrolling finger cramps.

I'm pretty happy with it, I spent forever trying to figure out the background in the last panel and I must have done it a couple times, I shouldn't have faked the perspective, if I would have taken the time to do it right the first time, I probably would have saved myself a month or 2.

I've also been trying to work clean, which means drawing a page then lightboxing it, which has been working ok, but doing everything twice kind of makes me a little bored of the page as it goes, so I don't know if that's the best method for me. I started laying out the third page, and I'm shooting for 1 month! Wish me luck!

added the first page, from feb. 5th, 2010

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rekindling challenges?

Testing this new blogger app so I might as well ask. Would anyone out there be interested in trying the challenges again?  Just a thought. 

Baby steps

OK so i know this isnt much of anything. But hey, its something! I bought a new brush and ink today and really wanted to test it out, so i drew up a quick head based on an old sketch which was loosely based on john marsten from Red Dead Redemption and i inked it up...then i wasnt satisfied enough with using the brush so of course i overdid it with inkwash like a total douche!