Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here comes new challenge(r)!

Ok so the first chalenge in a long while is underway starting tonight!  I don't wanna do star wars because I'm midway through a SW pic and it seems unfair, so let's do something else...but WHAT?  It could be anything...in fact I know exactly what it should be! 

Now before I say what let me just say that I'm making it pretty specific on purpose to eliminate a lot of the wishy washy "what should I do with this character" beginning stages.

So the challenge is:

Batman vs the ventriliquist and scarface (I think that's the puppets name)
Either a pinup or a cover (with or without text).

Let me know what you think...deadline is 2 weeks from now...so 3/22/2011...enjoy!  

Feel free to post your progress or ideas at anytime.