Monday, March 21, 2011

Batman dealie

OK so here it is, contrast cranked way up based on a shitty copy but its better than the camera phone pic and at the very least, its vertical! Wheres everyone elses?? HMMM??? only one day left!


  1. Coolio!

    Everything is looking crisp and clear, and as always the style is appealing.

    I totally spaced on there being an ACTUAL DEADLINE on this thing, so it'll have to be tomorrow before mine goes up!

    Yeah, I know, I suck.

  2. Jeff: You're not alone, my friend, as I too, suck.

    Eric: The page is sweet, very clean, the figures look a bit static, but everything is well drawn. Nice buildangs!

  3. Oh, and the scarface is hilarious.