Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Bats sketch

It's true! Not a hoax! Not a trick! Actual update/artwork!

So I whipped up a quick layout for my challenge illo and thought I'd throw it up.

I'm generally okay with it, but I've got to fiddle with the composition a tad, as the area around Scarface's Tommygun and Batman's fists/batarangs is too muddled.

Anyway, comment away!


  1. I like it! Particularly the Ventriloquist/Scarface inset. I'd kinda like to see Bats a bit more dynamic, though - to offset the more static inset. He looks a little too hunched and reactive - at least to me.

  2. Like the layout, and the inset is cool, great ventriloquist/scarface and gordon. I knew he'd get his come-uppance from a hunk of wood with a hand in it. I've always said that. Seriously, I did, look it up!

    Batman looks a little static, like bob said, and he's really thin, maybe beef up his back a bit. love the busted up signal, it's about tiime they got one of those swirly eco friendly bulbs in there anyway.

  3. Good points, gents! I'll get to modifying this drivel into some GRADE A drivel!

    Also, Boobies.