Friday, March 26, 2010

Scott Pilgrim

OK, so lets face it, the books ARE amazing as shit! And now the trailer for the movie is out, and of course it looks amazing as shit! So check it out! Its pretty inspiring in itself, AND plenty of comic book throwbacks for people who haven't read the books, which you should all do immediately after viewing this. It's gonna be a long wait for the last book in July and even longer til the movie in August, but this can tide you over for a while!

In case the link doesn't work:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are You A God?

Looks like I'll be leading the charge this time.
Trying to make up for being a loser with the first challenge.
This is how I get out of drawing a bunch of dudes with reference heavy tech.
Suck on that!

PS: I'll get the first challenge up soon, I swear.

-Mr. Dave

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CHALLENGE 2: "...I remember Revelations 7:12..."

"And I looked, and he opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake. And the sun became as black as sack cloth, and the moon became as blood."
"And the seas boiled and the skies fell."
"Judgement Day."
"Judgement Day."

OK, so, if you have known me longer than 30 seconds, you may know that my all time favorite anything is Ghostbusters. Best Movie, Best Childhood Cartoon, Best Franchise, Best Logo, Best Characters, Best Uniform, The list goes on for miles...hell, you can even add best new movie based video game to the list.

Long Story Short...Since my name isn't going to come up anytime soon again on this list, (and if i WERE to choose J. Edgar Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover will appear and destroy us)...the traveler has been chosen...and the puns and references come to an end.

CHALLENGE 2 is GHOSTBUSTERS, be it the REAL Ghostbusters, GB 1 OR 2, however you wanna handle it. Lets see some GB Pinups slapped up on this board between now and April 6th.

So I'm giving you guys 3 weeks, Trying to maybe ease it down from a month, but not quite jump into a 2 week time frame so soon (although feel free to choose however long you want for your own challenges)

So RECAP...and the STATS for the people who don't want to read me ramble on and on:


Monday, March 15, 2010

New Challenge...Coming Soon...Official Rules??

OK, so things are Dead in the water right now it here's how I'm thinking about this. I'm going to assign challenge ideas to a certain order. March is halfway over and there are still some Skeleton pictures in the works I am assuming, and just because we move onto some OTHER project, that doesn't mean you can't post YOUR picture later. So, for all of those who didnt meet the deadline and who have something half finished on your art table, feel free to finish it when you get around to it and post it up. In the meantime though, we need to get moving on this.

So i'm going to choose Skeletons in a random order for the assignments. When it's your turn to assign a subject/theme, you choose the deadline...that way if its something basic we don't have to wait an entire month for something new to pop up, or if its more complex, then you can allot more time to it, etc etc.

So the basics are:

I. You know ahead of time when its your turn to choose a subject.

II. You will have 48 hours from the previous deadline to post the subject and deadline (feel free to specify a medium too if you choose...the more specific the better I think)

III. If you don't WANT to choose or cant think of anything you can just pass on it and the next person in line will choose a subject. But, lets be honest, 48 hours is a long time to choose something and it can be as vague or specific as you want, so, not that big of a deal i would think.


1. Me
(I'll choose the next subject to get the ball rolling)
2. Fernando
3. Brad
4. Cory
5. Dave
6. Chris
7. Abe
8. Brett
9. Bob
10. Chad
11. Jeff
(since Jeff chose the last one i figured i should shove his ass on the end, for fairness sake)

If anyone has any advice or ideas about this please feel free to mention it in the comments or send me an email...I just think that if this was a little more organized things might move a little faster.

Other ideas that i was thinking of might be random 48hr subjects that anyone can pop on here anytime they wish. So, say all of a sudden you are super into the flash or something, you can post a 48 hour challenge and see what happens.

Also, are people comfortable with the list like this? or would you prefer to just have me or jeff or something choose a subject and put it up once a month and roll with it? I thought you guys might prefer a system where everyone gets a chance to choose something every now and then.

Hopefully this helps! Keep checking the board, and keep posting, and look for a new challenge in the next 24-48 hours!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Radioactive Skeleton Project.

Ok, so i was kinda debating what to do for a long time and instead of fighting it any longer i did this, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. Its a little basic, but thats why i colored DISTRACT...I may have went a little over kill with the Screen effect in photoshop at the end though, but whatever. I also wish the background wasnt so plain, but I couldn't decide what to put back there, maybe a falling skyline or something, but let's face it, it's the day AFTER the thing was due. So here it is!

Can't wait to see the rest!

**Also I'm trying to work on a good way to keep the momentum going on the site, i have a few ideas but if you have some too, email em to me, cause the site's still a work in progress, and any input is appreciated!