Monday, March 1, 2010

My Radioactive Skeleton Project.

Ok, so i was kinda debating what to do for a long time and instead of fighting it any longer i did this, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. Its a little basic, but thats why i colored DISTRACT...I may have went a little over kill with the Screen effect in photoshop at the end though, but whatever. I also wish the background wasnt so plain, but I couldn't decide what to put back there, maybe a falling skyline or something, but let's face it, it's the day AFTER the thing was due. So here it is!

Can't wait to see the rest!

**Also I'm trying to work on a good way to keep the momentum going on the site, i have a few ideas but if you have some too, email em to me, cause the site's still a work in progress, and any input is appreciated!


  1. I have an idea, you can add my sweet, old lady attracting face to the site, and watch it take off like a Toyota down the highway. (What? Too soon?)

    Your Fellow Kubian,
    Brett "Still short and still broke" Hibbler

  2. Sweet pic, Eric!

    Reminds me of Necrons from Warhammer 40K...

    ...aaaand only Bob will get that.

    Trying to finish mine here...geh...stupid time.

    Also: Hey Brett! I thought I smelled your foul stench when I was brought on board...

  3. Dude! that pic is sweet! Love your composition. So graphic, it hurts!
    Looks like a movie poster for a Romero flick. Very well done Sire :)

  4. I agree.. this pic is awesome. I really love it.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! And Brett, check your email there should be an invite so you can author your own posts and join in on the "fun"

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  7. Drat! I thought I'd successfully covered that sent with procrastination and Old Spice Scented Body Wash. Well that's 3 years of my life down the drain...

    Good to see what you guys have been up to, and thanks for letting me on board. Looking forward to staying up to date.