Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are You A God?

Looks like I'll be leading the charge this time.
Trying to make up for being a loser with the first challenge.
This is how I get out of drawing a bunch of dudes with reference heavy tech.
Suck on that!

PS: I'll get the first challenge up soon, I swear.

-Mr. Dave


  1. Nice work, Dave!

    I like the expression of disdain on her face...almost too much, but not quite.

    God I need to do some drawing...

  2. haha, great expression! And way to get out of that tech! Looks awesome! I'm so stumped it's ridiculous for this thing... nice work.

  3. Awesome dude! Nice work, way to kill my hopes of seeing your version of the GB's while STILL delivering a "quality" piece...note quality is in quotes cause we all know that its not REALLY quality unless there's a proton pack in there.