Monday, March 21, 2011

your entrance was good, his was better. The difference? showmanship!

Hey guys! loooooong time! I just saw you guys were doing a Batman cover challenge. Not really a cover, more of a warm up due to workload... anyhoosle, I hope you guys dig it :)


  1. Very cool gesture work, my man.

    Also, nice "Batman Forever" reference...if there IS such a thing...

  2. Cool! I did not expect to see an entry from anyone but the crams or mrocks! And its always good to see more stuff from you!

  3. @jeff: Thanks man! I dunno how nice the reference is actually. It's just crappy nerd data that lives in my brain and needs to come out every once in a while...
    @Eric: Thank you dude, I'll try to post more :)

  4. Looks Cool! I especially like the batman part!