Friday, March 11, 2011


Heres my prelim sketches for the cover, i think im going to go with the bottom left idea in the outline...its inspired by jeffs idea and also my original thanks for letting me rip you off in advance! The other ideas from left to right, a kind of 3 panel thing with him choking out the dummy...kinda weird i guess, then one where commish gordon is tied up in the Ventriloquists kitchen with Scarface threatening that batman will never find him and they will kill him as soon as they finish their breakfast...and of course all the time the Ventriloquist is drinking...classic gag. I was also toying with the idea of the doll in a room filled with babies dressed just like him and him taunting batman...Would you dare risk killing an inocent child! and he would obviously look way different but batman couldnt tell!

Oh well...thankfully its my day off and i live right in the middle of a copy store and a burger king within walking distance so i ran out and made some copies got some lunch and am starting on the cover/pinup now! I was gonna make the commissioner actually Robin or put Robin at the feet of the badguy with the downed cops but it seemed too tacked on.


  1. Choking out the dummy! Now I want to see Bats in a wrestling ring, taking on some luchador in a Scarface mask. "Can Batman survive - THE SUPLEX OF DOOM??!!"

    I like the composition of the thumbnail you chose - good way of getting all those elements in and interesting. At first I was thinking I liked the other thumbnails better, but then I realized it was just the angles, rather than the setup. I like the dynamism of having things off-kilter and the lower-right is just a bit straight-on.

    This also highlights my problem with the Ventriloquist - his whole shtick is a dummy with a gun. How ridiculous is that to go up against Bats? But you and Jeff have pretty much taken the best way to go - threaten those around him - including the Ventriloquest! In a straight-up fight, Bats would murder the guy - but hostages... ah!

    Now a Ventriloquest with a JOKER dummy, holding a crowbar over a trussed up Boy Wonder? Oooh...

  2. Good work, Eric.

    I think the layout you chose has some of the best elements combined. I was initially worried that you have a character back-to, but I don't mind, as Gordo is really the tertiary character in the piece.

    Rock on, Metallica.

  3. Yeah, your page is totally ... uh... tertiary. Nice job!

    I'm trying to finish my 3rd page of my samples first, since they're way more tertiary than this, but if I get the chance I'll try it out too.

    I did a few sketches of him chokin out the dummy too, we are SO Patty Duke! And I mean that in the most tertiary way possible.


  4. Thanks for all the tertiary input dudes! I was nervous about gordos back but I dint know how else to go about it. I could have done it without him but I like the depth it gives. The final pic is almost done and you'll see some of the changes it went through. I'm worried batman isn't actiony enough now and I wonder if the whole thing just shouldn't be zoomed in on to really show just the most important parts but I'm gonna just finish it. Cause if I start to overthink it it will stay unfinished forever.