Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is that light in this tunnel? Could...could it be...?

Ever changing...ever present...ever...everything?
You figure it out.


  1. I dunno why you haven't turned this into an online comic yet.

  2. Do you "draw" this way on purpose?

    Man...I guess with the interwebs, ANYTHING is art now.


  3. Stoopid disappearing comments!

    Anyway, I like it. I posted that I thought you were a hack, a loser, and a dimwit, but I figure: why type shit everyone already knows?

    Booring indeed!

  4. i dont think i like the idea of online comics, but i do like the idea of [SPACE.]etc. (tm) so maybe those ideas will get along if i set them up on a blind date of sorts.