Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Link to the Present

OK so now that i have the internet back...I figured i would post something here for once. So i sketched this out while i should have been working on much more important things this evening. Kind of a hipster/modern day zelda kind of a deal...I was just sketchin around and this idea popped in there. The guy is loosely based off of a friend of mine, and the rest loosely based on...uh zelda i guess. Hopefully i;ll post a lot more stupid stuff like this in the future...and HOPEFULLY so will the rest of you!


  1. I want to punch him in the face. But other than that, AWESEOME.

    Good work man. And kudos to you for getting back in the swing!

  2. Looks totally fly! Love the color scheme too. These are great! Way to blow the dust off this old relic as well, maybe that'll push the rest of us ( AHEM, DAVE!!!) to post a few things now and then... maybe. Cool pics!