Thursday, February 18, 2010

Skeletons?!? I thought it'd be full of pizzas!!

Since the skeleton thing got kickstarted and I was home sick from work, thought I'd give it a try, I actually did the skeleton part and a big logo, but I inked the logo with sharpie pens since I thought it wouldn't bleed... but it just doesn't bleed THROUGH, and it didn't look so hot, then I got the geiger counter idea, so drew them seperately and photoshopped em together, I cleaned up the text a bit so its legible. if I get the time I may print it out and ink it... or trace it and color it or something, but no promises since I'm just as busy ( lazy ) as the rest of you! haha


  1. Gold.
    The skeleton looks totally creepy and badass!

    Something about the composition bugs me, but I'm not sure what.

    Maybe make the geiger counter smaller? Not sure.

    Regardless, bitchin' pic!

  2. That's a cool pic. Very well done man.
    I do think if you made the waste tank he's comming out of just be vertical, instead of angled, it would help you composition a bit.
    Make it a little more balanced, since you already have the counter in an angle.

    Still, it looks awesome :)
    You people and your nice hand lettering. God gave us PS for a reason!