Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some process...

I was asked by my friend Chondra Sanchez if I could do a quick turnaround on an image for the Kill-Audio trade. It was a profile style picture for a Dear Abby like column staring "Billy Toucan Fandango". 'A tweaked out former street hustler turned celebrity talk show host and life coach.' He's only mentioned in the comic so I got to come up with his design. She asked to have him "tweaking out" in the photo.

The initial sketches. (I liked the first one more...but so it goes...)

After this stage they asked if I could make him more flamboyant and add the sunglasses like that gay guy in the hit 80's movie Mannequin.
Once approved, I set out to add gray tones and voila.


  1. I always like to see other people's creative process. And I'm with ya on the first one... they never pick the best one though, do they?

    And wait- that guy from Mannequin was gay?!? My whole world is upside down...

  2. Totally agree on the choice, but you rocked it with what you had!

    "Nothin's gonna stop us now." Ahh...the 80s.

  3. Not to beat a dead horse, but yeah I also liked the other layout better. Art directors... monkeys with red pens is what they are!

    It came out really cool though. I've never been able to get a good handle on rocked them pretty hard there.

    Everybody Wang Chung tonight... yeah, the 80's

  4. I only included the second to pad the email.

    I should know better by now. People ALWAYS pick the one you like the least for some reason.

    I guess I can understand the choice. It would be the first and only picture of the character thus far, so they went with a clearer shot of him.

  5. I love teeth inside beaks! Looks cool, really funny.