Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Better late than never!"

OK, so i did two pictures cause i couldn't really decide. I did one regular gb and one REAL Ghostbusters. This is the one that i finished, I'm kinda wrestling with the other one, so i may or may not finish that. Hopefully i will though.

I tried to match the cartoon style as close as i could. That was kinda my goal for this piece. I Purposefully tried to make it semi-cheesy so that if i were to color it and add the logo, etc, then it might look like a cover of one of the old RGB comics, or the magazine from when i was a kid.

Anyways, sorry for the lateness and everything! Hopefully my regular GB one will get finished also, but if not, at least there's this one!


  1. They're gonna be so pissed when they realize their proton packs have shorted-out due to the snow.


    Awesome job, man. Clean, tight, interesting...I dig it!

  2. Looks great! Just commented, but it dissapeared... so don't really want to repeat myself in case it re appears and that makes me look like someone who has no idea how to use a computer.

  3. That's totally awesome! I love how you did it in the animated style. A tight, solid penciling job. And Ray would definitely be the one to wear earmuffs.

    So I guess since the guy whose idea this was in the first place posted his, I'd better finish mine up. What about the rest of you guys? Anybody else got anything in progress?

  4. Thanks guys! Feels good to finally finish it!

    Thanks Cory. I felt the whole snowman thing was good for ray, just like the earmuffs, but i feel that Peter is just kinda stuck in there, i had this almost completely different originally and ended up changing it to where everything is as it was and then there was no peter with almost no space left. So I added him kinda last minute. I like to think that Slimer would drop that snowball out of shock onto Peter's head and then he'd threaten to blast him or something...Either way, I'm sure I have already thought about it too much!

    As for the comments thing, Brad, its been kinda weird all day, I think its a blog spot thing. Seems OK now though, unless this doesn't show up!

    And Jeff, I'm not sure if the snow matter so much when Proton Packs have energy cells with a half life of 5000 years. They're scientists though, they'll figure it out.

  5. Oh, well in that case, to summarize my previous post, the pic looks great, good likenesses all around, you really captured the aggrivatingness of slimer. I can't look at him without picturing that voice! I like that you and dave did finished drawings too instead of cop out sketches LIKE SOME PEOPLE!!