Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing great here...Some of us had taxes to do!

quick ghostbusters sketch I did, posting for posterity's sake.


  1. what is this Brad? some kinda JOKE!?

    Where's Egon's elbow pad? i mean you really THOUGHT i wouldnt NOTICE? Also just how far IS stay puft from the window cause last time i checked he was GIGANTIC (his foot is so big it crushes cars, and in the WIDELY KNOWN deleted scene his falling hat is about the same size as the Ecto-1!)...i mean his head's only window sized? Speaking of scale, dont get me started about the proton pack size...they aren't toys you know.

    Sure i mean you TRIED and everything...and thats CUTE or whatever...but come on. If this was the lord of the rings (yeah i didnt capitalize it...on PURPOSE) you wouldn't hide the ring wraith in shadows so you didnt have to draw the intricate technical details!

    But ... you know... good job, or whatever.
    (ahem, says the guy who hasn't finished his...)

    Seriously though, that's pretty good considering how fast you put it together. Hope you got your taxes out on time!

  2. I can say nothing, since even my skeleton thingie isn't done.

    Despite that, or maybe because I have no pride, I will say "Nice".

    That is all.

  3. When in doubt... black it out!