Monday, April 25, 2011

A Few Commissions of People's Pets

Here are a few commissions i did in the past year or so off and on of peoples dogs. I mostly do this through the Hello Bully Charity (an organization to help change the way people view pit bulls, as well as rescue them from dangerous situations). They are in order from latest to oldest.

Sometimes they get kinda silly, but overall i usually have a decent amount of fun doing them.

There are a few older ones i cant find on my hard drive right now, but here's just a quick few to keep the blog alive, and to prove to Jeff I haven't been sitting on my hands for the past few days.


  1. Oh, well thank god you haven't been sitting on your hands...

    ...those pretty, pretty hands.

  2. Indiana bones is a clear winner, but they're all good. I think I just really dig the skull waterfall, too bad that logo had to cover it up. Keep it up, you DOG you!

    GET IT?!?! DOG!!!