Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clueless Carpenters!

Hey guys, here's a sketch I did out of boredom while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... yeah, I'm cool. I decided to ink it with a prismacolor premier .08 pen I found at work, I usually use sharpie pens in my sketchbook, but I was really impressed with this one, it didnt' bleed at all, and I think they're only like 2 bucks a pop since they're the prismacolor version of microns. It took me a while to come up with the title, I was thinking Carin' Carpenter for a while, because it sounds like Karen Carpenter, but then I realized I'm not 100 percent sure who that is... just that it's a name I've heard before. It was Careless Carpenters, but I changed it to Clueless as I inked it, not sure why, I think I like the way Careless sounds better, but either way, I'm happy with it.


  1. Looks like this short will be followed with Minnie and Daisy in "Nutty Nurses!".

    Or maybe Donald in "The Ugly Undertaker"?

    Anyway, fun stuff!

  2. I can't stop laughing