Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey, a superman drawing! It's about time!

Hey guys, Brad here,

I did this on time for the Superman challenge, then made photocopies and our computers motherboard exploded or something, and now we have a new one, which actually lets me post on here! pretty neat huh?! Well, anyway, in the meantime I lost the photocopies, typical, and scanned this and put it together out of 4 pieces, that's why it's a bit jumbled. Hope you dig it!



  1. Dude that looks AWESOME! great jimmy olsen! hes always been my favorite of the olsen twins...Mary Kate was always such a pompous bitch! Glad to see you still drawing and that they are still awesome!

  2. Good on you, Bradcowdisease! I've got to get mine posted up here at some point!