Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sketchbook stuff

Hey again! 2 posts in one day! Here's some sketches out of my new sketchbook, started at the very end of last year, you guys should post up some of your sketchbook stuff just to show me you're still kickin!
This first one is Jason, drawing a large train poster at my new art desk, ( a pretty swank birthday present I might add ) I was sitting behind him while he was drawing it, so I sketched him while he worked, then cleaned it up a bit later.
This next one is from the same day, he wanted me to draw the polar express, and handed me his lionel train to draw from, then complained that I took around an hour to draw it, when he could have done it in under a minute, so he drew one too, and I turned it into a little joke thing, since that's what I do.
This last one is a drawing I did while watching tv. Jason spills things, breaks things, and hurts himself on a regular basis, all seconds after promising to NOT spill things, break things, or hurt himself. OH, and Eric got him this crazy awesome lightsaber for Christmas, so, with those 2 notions combined, I did a sketch of Jason being careful, I like to imagine that if we left him alone, this is what it'd be like. I know that, because when we DON'T leave him alone, this IS what it's like!

That's it for now, noone wants to see my storage wars sketches, or caricatures of the face closeups on I Survived... hope everyone's doing well, and will post a few sketches themselves soon!



  1. NICE! these are so far completed for being just sketchbook stuff! im lucky if i finish a whole torso before moving onto the next drawing! Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm with Eric here. I'm lucky to bust out a buncha heads! Cool stuff, Bradmartigan!